- 2017 April Meeting Minutes

2017 April Meeting Minutes

Pine Island Ridge Community Association
Monthly Board Meeting
April 17, 2017
The regular monthly meeting for PIRCA was held on Monday, April 17, 2017 at Rosatti’s
located at 5504 Lincoln Hwy, Schererville, IN 46375; the President being in the chair
and the Secretary being present. The Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by
President Vera Lippie.

Board Members: Vera Lippie, Joshua Lawrence, Jim Onik, Yolla Blair, Mike
Pocius, Jeff Kwolek, Rich Mulder, Elizabeth Sengupta, Cherie Aleksik
Proxies: None
ARC: Juris Juantirans
Homeowners: Jorge D. Castillo, Sr., Dave & Paula Wells
Town Visitors: None
President Lippie announced that there was a Quorum, and that official business
could be conducted.
Approval of the Minutes from March 20, 2017 Board Meeting:
A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Mr. Onik and seconded by
Mr. Kwolek. The motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report:
Mr. Pocius presented the report:
 A bill from Seasons for $3650.00 for Spring cleanup / mulching was
received. The funding for this was approved for this year – though we
would like to look at other options for playground mulch in the future. A
motion to pay this bill was made by Mr. Kwolek and seconded by Ms.
Blair. Motion passed by voice vote.
 Two bills were received from our former attorney – one for $702.00 and
one for $89.99 (unpaid from 2/28/17 – this will be checked into further for
next month.) A motion to pay the bill for $702.00 was made by Mr. Mulder
and seconded by Ms. Blair – motion passed by voice vote with Mr. Onik
 We received notice of litigation regarding a property within Pine Island; it
was given to Mr. Pocius with 30 days to respond. He reached out to our
attorney and was advised that no further action is required on behalf of
PIRCA. A copy will be given to our attorney to keep on file.
 The invoice from Aquatic weed control for $2800.00 plus tax still needs to
be paid – half will be paid now and half in August. A motion to pay this
was introduced by Mr. Kwolek, and seconded by Ms. Sengupta. The
motion passed by voice vote.
A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Mr. Mulder and seconded by
Mr. Lawrence. Motion passed by voice vote with Mr. Onik opposed due to concerns
over the balance sheet.
A motion to collect quotes from outside accounting forms for bookkeeping duties was
introduced by Mr. Lawrence and was seconded by Mr. Pocius. The motion passed by
voice vote. Mr. Lawrence will reach out to several accounting firms in May/June when
accounting work is a bit less active for estimates.
Committee Reports:
Common Area & Landscaping:
 The Spring walk-around took place; it was determined attention is needed
in the following areas:
 A fence on 88th court needs to be repaired.
 In the north commons, the area around the play area will be built up
and the edging will be straightened.
 Twin Lakes has a sinkhole near one of the trees, and the landscaping
co. will fill it.
 A cleanup around the entrance sign and entryway is needed.
 Tree Branch pond has large culverts where additional stone is needed;
a quantity of 5-6 yards is estimated at a cost of 180.00 each. Mr.
Mulder will do additional research and report back next month.
 The edging around the playground in the South Commons needs to be
 Timberleaf pond has some missing sod.
 Ms. Lippie asked that we investigate a Willow tree that needs trimming
near Tree Branch Pond.
 Nothing to report at this time.
 A list of vehicle violations was given to Schererville code enforcement;
Ms. Lippie reported that many of these have been addressed and that
Schererville Code Enforcement will follow up with the remaining issues
as necessary.
 Final additions/revisions have been made to the Spring newsletter and it is
ready to go to print. The intended mailing date is sometime in May.
Flannigan bulk mailing service would like to have ~$190.00 in advance to
cover the postage fees. Ms. Blair motioned to approve $400.00 total cost,
and Ms. Aleksik seconded. Motion passed by voice vote.
Special Events: Nothing to report at this time.
ARC: Mr. Juantirans reported:
 A homeowner at 8755 Hanley Lane would like to install a HAM antenna
tower; but there are currently conflicts with Schererville’s town code.
 A homeowner at 8674 Matthews wants to build a storage shed – the front
of his house faces the side yard. The side is therefore the front and limits
how far he can come with the shed.
 A homeowner at 5017 w. 87th Lane has an issue with an above ground
pool. The original submittal is not acceptable as instead of the necessary
10 feet he has only 3 feet.
 A homeowner at 5180 w. 86th place is installing a new roof.
 A homeowner at 5230 w. 85th Place has a fence installation that has been
 A homeowner at 5247 w. 85th Place is installing a new roof and performing
siding repairs.
 A homeowner at 8772 Matthews Lane would like to install an above
ground swimming pool and fence – the owners need to submit additional
information prior to approval.
 A homeowner at 8775 Hanley Lane would like to install/replace a concrete
driveway. No acceptable drawings were submitted; only sketches on a
plat of survey were submitted. They also want to address a drainage
problem. This was not approved due to various concerns.
 Additionally a list of projects dating back to December 15, 2016 will be
submitted in the future.
A motion to limit the requirements for ARC approval to those involving new construction
was entered by Mr. Onik, and was seconded by Mr. Lawrence. The motion passed by
voice vote with Ms. Sengupta opposed.
A second motion was made to inform the Town of Schererville to grant all permits to
PIRCA residents for any projects (a renovation, remodel, repair, maintenance, or
general upkeep of property) exempting new construction immediately, without requiring
a letter of approval from ARC was made by Mr. Mulder and was seconded by Mr. Onik.
Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.
Old Business:
 Nothing to report at this time
New Business:
 Nothing to report at this time.
A motion to adjourn was received from Ms. Lippie, and was seconded by Mr.
Mulder. Motion passed by voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 9:14pm.