- 2017 March Meeting Minutes

2017 March Meeting Minutes

Pine Island Ridge Community Association

Monthly Board Meeting

March 20, 2017

The regular monthly meeting for PIRCA was held on Monday, March 20, 2017 at Rosatti’s located at 5504 Lincoln Hwy, Schererville, IN 46375; the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.  The Meeting was called to order at 7:07pm by President Vera Lippie.


Board Members:  Vera Lippie, Joshua Lawrence, Bob Smith, Jim Onik, Yolla Blair, Mike Pocius, Neal Kostelyk, Jeff Kwolek, Marc Zubeck, Rich Mulder

Proxies:  None

ARC:  Juris Juantirans; Rich Foreman, Neal Kostelyk, Marc Zubeck

Homeowners:  Rich & Phyllis Foreman, David & Paula Wells

Town Visitors:  None


President Lippie announced that there was a Quorum, that official business could be conducted, and that the meeting would begin by turning it over to Attorney Kuiper for questions.

Attorney Q & A:

  • Mr. Onik inquired about the process for amending Bylaws – Bylaws can be amended by a 2/3 vote, but Covenants require majority of homeowners.  However, Bylaws can be used in place of covenants in certain areas.  ARC is a subset of PIRCA and subject to PIRCA as are other committees.
  • Mr. Juantirans asked about the covenants and changes – We are not changing the covenants at this time.
  • Mr. Zubeck requested clarification in regards to the relationship between PIRCA and ARC – ARC serves at the pleasure of the PIRCA board and is a subset of PIRCA.  PIRCA has the power to appoint and remove by majority vote as it sees fit.
  • Mr. Zubeck inquired about the rotational structure of the board to ensure we are structured correctly – This will be researched and answered at a later time.
  • Ms. Lippie asked if we can we change the number of board members as it is difficult to meet the number specified – this could be changed by amending the Bylaws via a 2/3 vote of the board.
  • Ms. Lippie asked about the requirements for record retention & destruction – this will be researched and answered at a later time.
  • Ms. Lippie asked about the issue of unclaimed funds; how long do we need to hold funds if money was owed but was never collected? – More information is required before a definite answer can be given.  This will be researched and answered at a later time.
  • Mr. Onik inquired about changing the method by which assessments are calculated – This can be changed by amending the Bylaws via a 2/3 vote of the board.
  • Mr. Kostelyk and Mr. Zubeck asked about the enforcement of compliance issues and the process for the levying of fines – Issues of town code should be turned over to them for enforcement.  Other violations of the bylaws should be enforced by first contacting the homeowner via certified letter, then following up as necessary.
  • Mr. Onik asked about the non-payment of HOA fees; and or options for collection – Liens or small-claims are an option.  Recommendation is that each situation be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Approval of the Minutes from February 20, 2017 Board Meeting:

A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Mr. Onik and seconded by Mr. Smith.  The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

Mr. Pocius presented the report

  • Bills from the attorney from 7/11/2016 for $72.49 and 1/13/2017 for $109.98 were received.
  • Our bond with State Farm is due and needs to be renewed at a cost for $90.00.  There will be a separate fee for recording.
  • Mr. Onik inquired about monies collected on behalf of the attorney and where they are applied.  A motion for to research outside consultation/setup was made by Mr. Kwolek and seconded by Mr. Kostelyk.  Motion passed.
  • We have three filings; one was due on Feb 20th.  We are not tax-exempt and must pay sales tax when purchasing goods.
  • A letter from Nipsco was received reminding us they are working on cables, transformers, etc.


  • Aquatic weed control will not be paid at this time pending further clarification of payment/schedule.

A motion to accept the report was made by Mr. Lawrence and seconded by Ms. Blair.  The motion passed by voice vote.

Committee Reports:

Common Area & Landscaping:

  • Some of the fence posts in the common areas have fallen over and need to be replaced.  Bids will be collected for repairs.  Mr. Smith introduced a motion to collect estimates for repairs; this was seconded by Mr. Mulder


  • Ms. Lippie will call for further clarification on the Aquatic Weed Control contract. A motion to pay the bill was introduced by Ms. Blair, Mr. Kwolek seconded.


  • A resident called regarding numerous abandoned vehicles.  A list will be sent to Schererville code enforcement.
  • A motion to handle printing & mailing internally was made by Ms. Blair and seconded by Mr. Pocius.  The motion passed by voice vote.


  • The Spring newsletter is being finalized and final additions are being made prior to going to print.

Special Events:  Nothing to report at this time.

ARC:  Mr. Juantirans addressed the board.

Old Business:

  • Nothing to report at this time

New Business:

  • Nothing to report at this time.


A motion to adjourn was received from Mr. Mulder and was seconded by Mr. Lawrence.  Motion passed by voice vote.  The meeting adjourned at 9:14pm.